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My Reply To An Atheist Article On The IRS and Churches

While doing some reading on the news sites I recently came across this article:

Below is my response to it on their web site.

I disagree with some of the foundational premises and think that your dis belief in God colors your view of justice and law in an “intolerant” way. It seems clear that the first amendment was meant to prevent a state church, not the expression of ideas in the public and even political spectrum. What you seem to fear (a throcracy) is not on the minds of anyone I know and I haven’t seen evidence absent ancedotal that indicates it is a desire of anyone. Churches do pay taxes, each member first “renders unto Ceaser” under the tyranny of forced tax collecton through employers. Each member then voluntarily gives to God as an act of worship through their church to support it’s operation and ministry efforts. Churches do not try to speak for you, you have your own voice and are free to use it both personally and collectively, Christians have the same rights. Billy Graham placed an add that did not endorse one politician or even one party, he encouraged others who believe as he does to live their beliefs in the voting booth. Isn’t that what we are supposed to do as Americans? Isn’t that what you do? You are free as am I to accept or reject God by faith. As a believer, a fundamentalist believer in Jesus Christ, I served in the military for most of my adult life to defend your right to hold a belief that I am radically opposed to. My beliefs and convictions drive my life and they give me the desire to uphold your right to both believe and promote your beliefs. What is the matter with your system of belief that does not allow me to have the right, both personally and collectively, to compete with you for the direction of my country and for the hearts and minds of mankind? Are you really that intolerant in reality while claiming false intolerance for anyone who disagrees with you? Do you really think that the government should quiet all dissenting voices to yours? Have you ever read of the French Revolution and it’s devastating effects on that nation because of real intolerance enforced by mob rule? Do you love this country? Do you want this? Why won’t you tolerate me and my beliefs while demanding that I tolerate yours? Do you know that churches don’t have to file for 501C3 to be tax exempt? What seems just according to the constitution about silencing collective voices of millions of Americans this way to you? Is it your position that only atheists and humanists and secularists should be able to have groups that speak collectively? Who will stand for you when you have won this battle and are now the voice in dissent? Who will protect your right for a collective and individual voice in the affairs of this great nation? Really, is this what you want?


If Mitt Romney Get’s Elected

I have voted, and I pray for Mitt Romney to get elected by a margin large enough to keep the pre prepared opportunists from taking absurd legal action in an attempt to craft not follow the results of the election.

But If Mr. Romney wins we need to have a clear understanding of where we are and not waste time being lulled into some sense that all is well. The most a Romney win can do for us as Bible believing Christians is give us a little more time to labor for revival. No president will ultimately decide the fate or condition of America, the people of America will – Under God. America is in a spiritual decay and downward spiral. If we get a friendlier administration we need to thank God and double our efforts toward seeing real revival come to our land. If we think that anything is solved by the election of a conservative administration let me remind you that we have had more conservative administrations since 1980 than liberal; 20 to 12. During this time the culture has continued to decay. During this time we as Independent Baptists have not fared well in many of our churches. We have seen massive compromise by some who stood by us just a decade or two ago. Thank God for those who remain and for the new church plants but conservative governments have not been overly helpful to Biblical Christianity.

There is one thing we may have with a Romney win. More time in a less hostile environment to do the work. The only answer for this nation is revival. From coast to coast there is not a place in our great land that is not in need of revival of the Book, Blood, and Blessed Hope! Revival will require our all laid on the altar and our lives to be cast into the battle; but it is our only hope. We will have to see “normal” in our lives and churches rearranged to be in obedience to God’s Word and detached from the social norms that are often assigned to us by the world. We will need to Get back to God in our churches, homes and then communities to the exclusion of much of the world’s goods, philosophies, and entertainments. Only the Churches of Jesus Christ can bring this kind of work to the world, heart by heart, life by life, home by home, church by church. Mitt Romney can not do this work.

I pray for the election to turn out right and to be peaceful. I pray more for a determination to live revival regardless of how the election goes.

Become Unavailable To Sin

In Exodus 13:7 The Bible says: “Unleavened bread shall be eaten seven days; and there shall no leavened bread be seen with thee, neither shall there be leaven seen with thee in all thy quarters.” In the Bible leaven is a type or picture of sin. God instructs His people to not eat bread with leaven during this feast and to make sure that there was no leaven seen in their house during this time.

Even though it was only for a week as they remembered the passover events each year there is a spiritual lesson for us to learn. We need to not be available to sin or have it easily available to us. We are instructed to “flee fornication”, and “flee every appearance of evil”. The reason for this is availability. If you keep sin close in your life you are presenting yourself as available to it. If you will not be available to sin it must be put where it does not have access to your life consistently.

Become unavailable to sin by changing the desires of your heart. Become unavailable to sin by fleeing every opportunity to sin. Become unavailable to sin and you will become available to God’s holiness in daily living. Let me encourage you to become unavailable to sin by fleeing from it and separating your life from sin at every point of encounter. Holiness is available to us when we are unavailable to sin.

It’s Time For an Open Revolution

With the elections rapidly approaching, the economy imploding, and society continuing to decay into a moral abyss it has become clear that it is time for an open revolution.
As a man who was “in church before I knew I was in church”, and having grown up being taught to understand obedience, authority, and submission, revolution is a concept that I am reluctant to even whisper as a legitimate choice for my life. After twenty years in the United States Army I am well accustomed to following orders, some of which I do not even understand. To call for a revolution seems to go against everything I have been raised to understand as right and goes against my ingrained instincts. For me to recommend revolution I have to be convinced that what we are revolting against has lost any redeemable value, is so dangerous and destructive that you can not afford to let it remain as it is any longer for your own and others highest good, I am convinced. I would also have to believe that the revolution I participate in would ultimately bring glory to God above all else, I am convinced.
I am calling for a revolution today and am convinced that it is on purely Biblical grounds. In 2 Timothy 2:19 the Bible says: “Nevertheless the foundation of God standeth sure, having this seal, The Lord knowers them that are his. And, Let every one that nameth the name of Christ depart from iniquity.” In that passage the word depart means to revolt against. It describes an open decisive departing from the norm that exists in your life, and then taking up arms to change the reigning powers in your life. You are called to start a revolution against iniquity in your life and to allow righteousness to reign for your good and God’s glory.
If we as a church are to be “salt and light” as we are commanded to be it will require that we purge our lives of iniquity and allow God’s righteousness to reign. This revolution will not come without cost, friendships will be lost, economic opportunities will have to be refused, life as you know it will not be the same, but you will be free. Liberty that was purchased with blood will have to be maintained through continued revolution against that which daily threatens our liberty. Liberty from sin’s control and effect in your life is worth any sacrifice, Jesus has already paid for our liberty, we are to “stand fast” in it and that will require our modern day revolution for liberty.
So join me as we stop the erosion of our liberty in Christ by standing fast in open revolution toward iniquity.